Debate Club

In order to raise awareness towards contemporary challenges, Young Educators ensures that every youngster has a safe space where they can debate. This activity is open to anyone between the ages of 14-20 and works on a monthly basis: the group is divided into two teams and each of them is assigned a position in regard to a certain subject. This exercise will develop their communicational skills, but as well the ability to understand other points of view – since noone gets to pick their side, some participants may end up voicing an opinion contrary to theirs, which makes them more willing to listen to others. We are sure that the outcome of the Debate Club will be a well-informed generation, educated with leadership, speaking skills combined with willingness to compromise, to tolerate and respect others. Indirectly, this will contribute to social inclusion and cohesion.

     Young Educators will host a general training session about citizenship, participation and democracy, in order to make sure that every member has the proper tools and that debate is productive and able to provide actual answers and options. Afterwords, we will divide the participants into two groups, then provide the theme for the following debate and assign them to a corresponding stance – that they must defend. The youngsters must work individually and together, within their respective groups, in order to assemble a rhetoric strategy to convince the audience and, therefore, win the debate. If necessary, a workshop with further instructions and information about the topic will be conducted by our association and other relevant partners. The results obtained from this exercise will be featured in our website and advertised among different social actors – as a manifestation of the youth’s pretensions for the future and their position in regard to certain subjects.

Currently we are developing this project in various neighbourhoods, collaborating mainly with local or national institutions and especially dedicated to reach and mobilise youngsters in disadvanged situations. We are interested in expanding our work to new locations, are you up for the challenge? Let us know!